Silver Lining At Last? North Carolina Workers’ Compensation and Wage Experts Say NC Workers Earning More

August 17, 2010, by Michael A. DeMayo

There is no doubt about it – North Carolina has faced some seriously hard times over the past two years (called by some the “Great Recession”). But North Carolina workers’ compensation and wage analysts have some good news to report — finally. A new survey by the state’s Employment Security Commission has found that the average weekly wage has risen by $1.16 since 2009.

Since inflation is not a factor, this implies that the wage increase is real – much needed relief for the state’s beleaguered workforce. Analysts found that the average weekly wage in August 2009 was $758.44 – this year, the wage was $759.60. That may not sound much – and indeed it’s only a 0.15% increase – but it does augur well, particularly if you see the rise in the context of the state’s slowly improving unemployment numbers. Back in February, NC had double-digit unemployment topping out at over 11%. The latest statistics show that the unemployment rate has fallen for four months in a row and finally dropped back into single-digits.

While these numbers may be encouraging, they should by no means cause for celebration. Predicting the long-term success of the state’s economy is notoriously a tricky business. However, for workers who have been surviving on North Carolina workers’ compensation and unemployment benefits, this news may help to kindle a renewed sense of industry, entrepreneurial activity, and general hope.

All that said, if you or someone you care for has been waylaid by an injury or occupational disease, and you are struggling to make ends meet while battling your employer or/and an insurance company, all of these positive signs may be beside the point. What you need is actionable strategic help with your case. To that end, it almost certainly makes sense for you to consult with a result-proven and highly credentialed North Carolina workers’ compensation firm to protect your rights and benefits.

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