False Beliefs about Charlotte Workers’ Compensation – Part III: “My Problem Is Simple”

May 29, 2012, by Michael A. DeMayo

One of the most dangerous false beliefs about Charlotte workers’ compensation is the notion that recovering from a workplace injury or accident is just a one or a two step process.

It’s easy to understand where we get this notion. Imagine you skinned your knee. You’re not that badly hurt. The solution is just basically to put a Band-Aid on the knee, rest your leg, and then get back in the game. So we extrapolate from this kind of experience when we think about our workers’ compensation problems. You imagine that, if you wrenched your back in an industrial accident or breathed in some toxic fumes at a Charlotte factory, then all it will take to “fix everything” is a slightly more robust version of the “put a Band-Aid on the knee and rest the leg for a while” technique.

The problem is that simple, seemingly minor workplace injuries can drive a cascade ofproblems that can essentially infect every aspect of your life and work.

For instance, if you can’t go into the office every day, you can’t bring home a pay check.

That means that you no longer have the cash flow to pay your bills, which means that you may have to deal with creditor harassment, which means that you’re going to be under additional stress, which means that your relationships are going to suffer because you’re going to be depressed and fretting about the creditors, which means that you may make additional errors and/or not get the help and support you need, which may in turn exacerbate your other problems, and so on and so forth.

So once all those “balls have been thrown into the air,” it’s not going to be enough simply to repair the injury that drove you to need North Carolina workers’ compensation in the first place. You’re going to need a more complete solution to address all the little tiny problems (and not so tiny ones) that have been caused or worsened by your recent experiences. The good news – the silver lining of this problem – is that resources abound out there to help you deal with this cascade of problems and to fix the cycle.

The other piece of good news is that chain reaction that we just discussed – going from bad to worse – can also occur in reverse. In other words, fixing one aspect of your turmoil can redound to have multiple positive impacts on multiple areas of your life. The challenge that you must contemplate is to find the points of leverage where you can generate that “positive cascade” and get results.

The team here at the law offices of Michael A. DeMayo is extremely experienced helping workplace accident injury victims confront and manage their problems. We understand that the workers’ compensation battle is often anything but simple. And we have the means, resources, compassion, and experience to help you get best results.