Connecticut Man Busted For Complex Crime — May Give Pause to Potential Perpetrators of North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Fraud

October 18, 2009, by Michael A. DeMayo

The Hartford Courant reports that a man named Steven Zaczynski has been charged with fraud and other counts in conjunction with a complex workers’ compensation scheme in CT. Although North Carolina workers’ compensation experts have yet to weigh in on the matter, the attention grabbing nature of this case may impact how authorities investigate and deal with similar North Carolina workers’ compensation fraud matters.

According to The Courant, Zaczynski had been working for the Department of Corrections at the Carl Robinson Correctional Institution, when he filed for workers’ comp benefits, citing an on-the-job injury. But according to an investigation ordered by Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, Zaczynski just took the money and continued to work full time for his own business, New England Pallet of Enfield. (Zaczynski allegedly stole $12,656 in benefits.)

But the case gets weirder and more complicated. Apparently, Zaczynski also fleeced customers of New England Pallet — he took money for pre-orders but never delivered products — AND he failed to provide workers’ comp coverage for his employees.

Given the nuances and layers of this case, it may be a while (if ever) before a similar North Carolina workers’ compensation case goes to trial. But the situation illustrates how fraud, insurance scams, larceny, and other labor rights violations can coincide. This is important because injury claimants who have been unfairly denied workers’ comp by their employers or insurance companies need to be aware — not just of their own situations — but also of the extended situations that may be preoccupying their employers/insurers.

Correction Officer Charged With Workers’ Compensation Fraud, Hartford Courant, Oct 7, 2009

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