Theft Case Out of the Aloha State Piques Interest among North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Experts

August 5, 2010, by Michael A. DeMayo

North Carolina workers’ compensation experts are all talking about the case of an Ewa Beach man, who got convicted in Honolulu last week for workers’ comp theft.

Jacob Belaski allegedly hurt himself while operating his Teixeira Trucking business. He fought for benefits from his insurance company, HEMIC. At the same time, he continued (on the sly) hauling materials to and from a cement factory. In the process, he earned over $100,000 – all while collecting benefits compensating him from being unable to work.

Investigators from the Honolulu Police Department’s White Collar Crime Unit discovered the scam and realized that Belaski had misrepresented his injury to his physicians, insurance company, and others. Mr. Belaski even testified under oath to being hurt. Mr. Belaski’s conviction of theft and perjury charges may dissuade others in the Aloha State from similarly trying to take advantage of the claims process to collect benefits illegally.

This blog has investigated a number of cases of workers’ comp fraud lately to try to highlight the shades and nuances of the law – and of the individuals who commit these crimes. It’s important not to paint these defendants with a broad brush. As we have seen recently, practically anyone can wind up as a defendant in a North Carolina workers’ compensation fraud case – from strippers to goat sellers to truckers.

If you cannot collect benefits, cannot deal efficiently with your employer or insurance company, or cannot figure out how to put your life and budget back together again after a significant injury or illness, you need good help. In particular, a qualified North Carolina workers’ compensation law firm can guide you towards good resources and ensure that you stay within the bounds of your benefits arrangement. A good attorney can also help you deal with uncooperative bosses or insurance companies.

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