Understanding North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Fraud

January 3, 2010, by Michael A. DeMayo

Here is a brief primer on North Carolina workers’ compensation fraud — including relevant laws passed by the North Carolina General Assembly as well as information, implications, and a toll-free hotline for fraud investigation.

In 1994, the state assembly passed the Workers’ Compensation Reform Act, which included statute 97-88.2 (outlining punishments for misrepresentation in a North Carolina workers’ compensation filing) as well as statute 97-88.3 (outlining punishments for healthcare providers who fail to follow the law.)

The following year, the state assembly changed statute 97-88.2 and empowered the North Carolina Industrial Commission (NCIC) to look into fraud violations of the 1994 WCRA.

In 1997, the North Carolina Assembly passed House Bill 618, which further amended two key statutes – 97-88.2 and 97-94 — to spell out increased penalties for fraud and misrepresentation under the Workers’ Compensation Act.

Today, the NCIC operates a hotline at (888) 891-4895 from Monday through Friday during normal business hours.

Who can be accused of conducting fraud? Parties including but not limited to:
• employees/claimants
• employers/managers
• corporate officers
• administrators of third party services
• insurance adjusters/agents
• lawyers
• providers of healthcare services
• rehabilitation providers

Individuals who commit North Carolina workers’ compensation fraud imperil the whole system. Fraud drains millions of dollars that would otherwise go to claimants with legitimate problems. That being said, not all cases are cut and dried. Some individuals may accidentally commit North Carolina workers’ compensation fraud simply because they fail to fill out paperwork properly or fail to follow bureaucratic protocol. It’s not that they try to cheat the system, in other words; it’s that they do not understand how to operate within it effectively.

This isn’t to say that there are not some bad eggs out there who intentionally game the system. However, if you or a family member has been accused of this crime — or if you’re in need of other kinds of assistance filing or moving forward with your North Carolina workers’ compensation claim — it may behoove you to connect with a knowledgeable attorney right away to discuss your concerns in confidence. A free consultation with a reputable attorney can put you on a strategic path to maximize your benefits and minimize your hassle.

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