Homebuilding Economic Indicators Point to More Construction Accidents

June 18, 2013, by Michael A. DeMayo

While most economic indicators appear to need a right click and refresh to recognize a change, permits for new homes and commercial sites may be rising.  More construction creates a presumption that there will be more new construction workers and even some who have been on the sidelines while the building market remains stagnant.

Absent any additional safety measures or training for new construction workers, we will likely have more building sites with more employees which presumes more accidents for the construction workers who make it happen.  The problem with this is employers may be trying to skimp on additional overhead costs and unfortunately it’s all too common that employee insurance may be one of those costs an employer sees as “optional.” This is a problem. 

If you’re hurt while working on a construction site, do you care if the employer met his bottom line, or how he is able to reduce overhead costs? NO! You want your health back and you don’t want it back at the expense of giving your family a roof on the head and some food in the belly.  Monroe accident attorneys spend countless hours fighting against the money over safety employers all the time.  It takes great skill and dedication.  Do not be misled.  If you are attempting to hold your employer responsbile, you can be certain that you will get a fight. 

You may be better off finding a different way to cover the costs of your medical bills and  time out of work and not ruffle the boss man’s feathers.  In other situations, that may not be the case and you may have rights at risk.  In any event, contact an injury lawyer in North Carolina to find out what you should do.  You may decide that you are better off handling a claim through your own insurance, but having the peace of mind that you talked to a Monroe personal injury lawyer is worth the five minutes it will take to contact us.  Call the DeMayo Law Offices to find out if we can help at 704-333-1000.