NC Sweepstakes Mirrors Workers Compensation Regulations

August 4, 2013, by Michael A. DeMayo

A recent change in the North Carolina Sweepstakes law has police officers seizing sweepstakes machines across the State.

Over the weekend, Charlotte Mecklenburg Police seized seventy-six machines from one business and a stack of cash related to the now illegal machines. Several people across Charlotte have seen police go into a business in the peak evening hours and take machines. So what’s different in the law?

There is a slight nuance in the regulation that allowed bars, restaurants and other establishments to have machines that print a ticket that is redeemed for cash with a designated representative who works for that particular bar or restaurant. Now, the loophole in the North Carolina law has been closed. It happened just as the North Carolina legislature was preparing to close session.

How is this similar to Workers Compensation regulations? Well, it’s these nuances that both help and hurt injured workers across the State. For example, there may be two identical situations where an employee is injured at work and one is covered under Workers Compensation and the other is not.

These nuances prevent people from getting the help they deserve because an employer prevents a claim or even fails to disclose all pertinent information.

If you believe that your work related injury should be covered under workers compensation, but you’re getting the run around, give us a call at 877-333-1000 to understand your rights if you’ve been hurt at work in North Carolina.