Sentencing for Scam Artist Attracts Attention of North Carolina Workers' compensation Community

September 10, 2009, by Michael A. DeMayo

According to an El Paso, Texas news report from June 30, 2009, an El Paso man has been convicted and sentenced for trying to scam the US Postal Service via a fraudulent workers’ compensation scheme.

Attorneys, workers, employers, insurers and others interested in North Carolina workers’ compensation issues have closely followed the case of former postal worker, José Barraza, who accepted over $54,000 in workers’ comp payments before getting busted for his activities. After being clued into the possibility that Barraza had faked an injury to his arm, investigators videotaped him throwing a football, taking out trash, and otherwise using what turned out to be his perfectly healthy arm.

Although Barraza was arrested in Texas, his sentencing would likely have been similar had he been convicted of a North Carolina workers’ compensation scam. The US District Judge overseeing the case sentenced Barraza to pay back the $54,000+ he took from the US Postal Service and Department of Labor as well as a pay an assessment of $1,400. In addition, Barraza must serve out a 10 month prison sentence for committing fraud. Barraza was convicted by a jury of all 14 counts against him. But it is unknown at this time whether/how he will appeal the ruling. Following his jail sentence, Barraza will have to serve 3 years of supervised release.

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